Visiting Melbourne for IBM’s Pulse 11

I’m heading to Melbourne this week to cover IBM’s Pulse 11 for ZDNet Australia. The event runs 27 to 28 July at the Crown Promenade, although I’ll be flying down late Tuesday afternoon and returning on Friday.

“Pulse is your premier event for accessing the solutions and expertise that can help your organisation transform the way it designs, delivers and manages business services,” says the promo material in a sentence remarkably free of concrete nouns. About eight pars in you’ll discover that it’s about things like managing cloud services and making sure your IT systems are secure and compliant with regulations.

I simply do not understand this corporate aversion to being specific.

It’s my first trip to Melbourne in about five years, so I’m looking forward to it. I’ll have a little free time on Thursday afternoon and evening, so do feel free to make suggestions.

I’m attending Pulse 11 as a guest of IBM.

2 Replies to “Visiting Melbourne for IBM’s Pulse 11”

  1. “I simply do not understand this corporate aversion to being specific.

    This worth an article in itself – how many business websites do you go to, read the corporate blurb about what they do, and finish none the wiser?

    Usually it’a about delivering solutions to something something something…some plain English would not go astray!

  2. @B Smith: You’re 100% right there. I have the feeling that I saw a rant on that very point a couple of years back.

    I also hassled one website’s owners recently whose “About Us” page contained no information at all about the “us”, just a description of their products. And yet in the past I’ve found that the “About Us” page is generally one of the most-visited pages on any website, because people want to see who they’re doing business with.

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