Weekly Wrap 26

A weekly summary of what I’ve been doing elsewhere on the internets and in the media and so on and so forth.



  • Patch Monday episode 67, “Cybercrime: the FBI’s worldview”. Edited highlights of a presentation to the eCrime Symposium by Will Blevins, the FBI’s assistant legal attaché to Australia for cybercrime issues.
  • A Series of Tubes episode 120. Richard Chirgwin and I have a long chat about the National Broadband Network. Was the business case document worth the wait? Is there a black hole in the NBN financials? What’s the product roadmap? And what about this Points of Interconnect issue?

Media Appearances


Corporate Largesse


Most of my day-to-day observations are on my high-volume Twitter stream, and random photos and other observations turn up on my Posterous stream. The photos also appear on Flickr, where I eventually add geolocation data and tags.

[Photo: Low-grade reindeer is low-grade, taken earlier today at the Broadway Shopping Centre, Sydney.]

3 Replies to “Weekly Wrap 26”

  1. Although you appear to be overseas in San Francisco (where I trust you had a safe landing even though flying United Airlines it may be worthwhile mentioning that there are “National ‘Defend Wikileaks’ rallies” being held in capital cities around Australia this Friday December 10th. 2010


    BTW: Fiona Patten bought me a beer – seemingly believing I was in contact with someone named Hugh. We discussed the R18+ games issue which is also being debated at SCAG on Friday. I did get some feedback from the Hon. Ms. Patten who has been in Perth talking to the appropriate people.


  2. Update: It appears the Hon. Ms. Patten spoke to the wrong people in Perth (sigh). They have delayed a decision on an R18+ rating until early next year. In the meantime I have video from the Sydney Wikileaks rally. Nearly all the media were there including some from the United States. YouTube pending. I need caffeine.


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