What Comms? Part 3: Arrrrrrrrrgghhh!

Vodafone, if you want customers, why hang up on them? That’s just rude. Are you trying to drive me back to Telstra? Your robot-like email I could live with, that’s just the usual big-business robot-like thing. But why be rude?

I was going to buy a Nokia N80 and connect it to Vodafone. But Vodafone don’t sell the N80. I can buy one from Crazy John’s, but it’d be pre-loaded with Telstra stuff. I can buy one from Allphones, but theirs are pre-loaded with Optus. I can get one from Telstra — but the whole point of this exercise is to move away from Telstra.

So I decided to call Vodafone on their “Customer Care” number, 1300 650 410.

Hi and welcome to Vodafone. So that we can get your details ready, please enter your Vodafone mobile number, or if you’re not yet a Vodafone customer, just press 1.

I press 1.

Alright, for info on how to join Vodafone from a Vodafone store, press 1. If you’ve found a phone…

What do you mean, “found a phone”? As in “lost and found”? Dunno, better listen.

… press 2. Or to receive instructions on how to unlock your mobile, press 3.

OK, I press 1.

Good choice! Vodafone offers a wide range of multimedia-enriched products and services to suit your needs. To organize a demonstration and assist with your choice, call your nearest Vodafone store on 132 616.

And then they hang up.


Without even a “goodbye”, before I’ve even realised there was a phone number I should’ve been listening to, the line goes dead.

Vodafone, you’re a telephone company. Why not just transfer me to the nearest store?

This is ridiculous. Getting into this 3G Wonderland is far, far more difficult that it needs to be. To be continued…