Sea hake fillet: truth in advertising?

Photograph from series: werbung gegen realität

The package, according to my amateur knowledge of German, says: “Sea hake fillet in dill sauce with spinach leaf and carrot purée”. Sounds great, eh? The contents, alas…

This is one photo from a series of 100 called werbung gegen realität where the photographer has juxtaposed images from the packaging of processed food with what’s actually inside. This may be Germany, but I reckon it ain’t any different here in Australia. (Hat-tip to Boing Boing.)

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  1. @Snif: According to the ever-accurate Google Translate, it’s “Anregung dienen”. Still, I don’t see how you can make that attractive-looking plate of hake out of the three puddles of sludge on the right without adding in all of the required ingredients yourself.

  2. ‘Kartoffel’ means ‘potato’, so in this context ‘Kartoffelpuree’ = mashed potatoes. Your original point remains valid, of course.

  3. Having perused the rest of these images, I don’t know which is more disturbing: the lies the packaging tells, the contents of these packages, (beetroot and herring salad? argh!) or the fact that there is a market for these products at all. It is no surprise German restaurants are thin on the ground in Australia.

  4. maybe there is a word somewhere else on the package that says – this meal has been pureed within an inch of its life, sorry it Germany, a mm of its life.

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