50 to 50 #2: Photos from 1 year old

Since the first post in this series included a photo of me and my father, it’s only sensible that today you see my mother.

I’m fairly sure this photo was taken at the same home at 43 Adelaide Road, Gawler that I mentioned last time. There’s other photos from that time too, and I’ve just now posted them on Flickr.

However I’m told that in 1961 we moved to live on a farm near the village of Kersbrook in the Adelaide Hills — although I have no memory of this at all. As shall now be usual, there’s a map over the jump.

I do have memories of the Gawler house, though. Fuzzy ones. Lying in a pram looking at the plaster mouldings in a white ceiling. The green leaves of the nasturtium plants in the back garden contrasting with the reddish brown of the corrugated iron fence. The yellow of the pumpkins.

My mother always had a fruit and vegetable garden. She grew up near Roseworthy, daughter of a farming family, and the women did gardens. That would have been even more important given that she was a child during the Depression and World War II. There was always fresh fruit and vegetables when they were in season, and jams and pickles and preserved fruit when they weren’t. Nothing was wasted.

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  1. Aha! So you have. And I take exception to “pretentious usage of pseudo-medieval language”. I was using pseudo-medieval language in exactly the way pillocks do in the SCA, hoping that you too would be reminded how utterly appalling it is, with a wince of nostalgia. I’m a big fan of not talking like a total wanker in any century, but I still know how when I choose to.

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