Stuff your “Business Values”

While being surveyed about telecommunications the other day, I was asked: “Thinking specifically about [some telco], how much do you like them, trust them and feel they reflect the values you stand for?”

I don’t care whether they “reflect the values I stand for”, because they won’t really change their values. They’ll just change their advertising. If my values include racial tolerance, for instance, they’ll just add a few more smiling ethnic kiddies to their next batch of TV ads.

So why not cut the crap and get on with providing reliable, value-for-money services instead of talking about “values” you have no intention of upholding?

One Reply to “Stuff your “Business Values””

  1. *random guess* The answer would be “Yes!”, right?

    That sounds exactly like internal staff *mumble mumble*… I’m going to go away before I start badmouthing my employer now…

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