Media140 starts tomorrow, and it’s streamed

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I’ll be at the Media140 Sydney conference all day Thursday and Friday. If you’re not going, you can still watch everything on the live stream.

I’m taking part in a panel starting at 5pm Thursday, Sydney time: Do Journos Do it Better? Journalists in SocMedia Communities. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m hoping this moves beyond the stale “bloggers vs journalists” (non-)debate.

My fellow panellists are freelance journalist, columnist and blogger Mia Freedman; new media consultant and recovering journalist Bronwen Clune; Valerio Veo, who heads up online news and current affairs at SBS; social media consultant Laurel Papworth; and late addition Dr Lawrie Zion from La Trobe University.

The moderator is Julian Morrow, co-founder of The Chaser, so I suspect they’re looking for a lighter, end-of-day discussion — particularly as there’s a more serious-looking panel earlier in the day called Social Media: Death or Salvation of Professional Journalism?

(I’m not sure why it can’t be both, death and transformation, but still… every headline has to be a binary opposite to turn it into winners and losers. Sigh.)

My own 5-minute rant is summarised in this tweet:

Who cares if journos do It better if It is outdated and no-one wants It? Whatever “It” is. Journalism ain’t newspapers, radio or TV.

Yes, it’s quite deliberate that “It” is capitalised.

The Twitter hashtag is #media140, and I daresay I’ll be posting snippets as it all unfolds. Stay, as they say, tuned.

4 Replies to “Media140 starts tomorrow, and it’s streamed”

  1. Ah closer inspection reveals that you are indeed pontificating (with an empty plate).

    I watched with interest your address (at well after 5 pm) and caught a few of the others (noting that Malcolm refers to you as being one of the “others”) until a phone call diverted me from the screen.

    It was edifying watching the media140 twitter feed as you and some of the other “others” spoke.

    @stokely (Sarah of that name) commented yesterday that she hoped that there wasn’t going to be any of that “bloggers vs journalist” stuff and noted when you got into the speech that:-

    So @stilgherrian has Gone There. Bloggers v Journos. #media140

    but ended with

    I think @stilgherrian presenting live works better for me than online. Clear and compelling. Well done sir! #media140

    about 13 hours ago from HootSuite

    Ms. Stokely used to use LiveJournal but abandoned it seemingly believing that it isn’t a true “blog”

    From “Live Journalist” to blogger to real journalist ?

    I’ve been rambling on-line since 1988 via Bulletin Board and Usenet. There’s a phenomena in Usenet known as Rod Speed that I note still exists in Usenet. Rod is the voice of reason in a world of chaos and is currently challenging the sanity of Paul Budde and aspects of the NBN……

    For more information consult the Rod Speed FAQ

  2. @Bob Bain: As I said to the redoubtable Sarah Stokely in person this morning, “Yes, I did go to the ‘journos versus bloggers’ thing, but only to shut it down.” I was actually sitting next to her for much of the day.

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