Quality Journalism: How to pay for it? Does it matter?

Photograph of Geraldine Dougue

ABC Radio National’s Saturday Extra is holding a forum this evening: Quality Journalism: How to pay for it? Does it matter? And I’ll be there.

Host Geraldine Dougue (pictured) will be joined by Eric Beecher (Publisher Crikey and Business Spectator), Wendy Bacon (Centre for Independent Journalism, UTS), Alan Kohler (Publisher, Business Spectator and Eureka Report), John Hewson (Liberal Party Federal Leader, 1990-1994) and Campbell Reid (Group Editorial Director, News Ltd).

I’m reporting on it for tomorrow’s Crikey email, and of course it’ll be broadcast on Saturday Extra on Saturday morning 11 April.

If you want a preview, follow my Twitter stream from 6pm this evening Sydney time.

3 Replies to “Quality Journalism: How to pay for it? Does it matter?”

  1. @Duncan Riley: Fair point about the bias of the panel. Or is the ABC assuming that News Limited will somehow argue against “quality journalism”?

    I do fear a Radio National intellectual-waffle discussion of what “quality” means and the nature of journalism in society etc etc etc. I am hoping, though, that they dispense with that part quickly and get on with talking about business models.

    The first person to mention “the evil bloggers” gets a bullet in the head.

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