The Importance of Authenticity

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Here’s my 5-minute presentation from WebForward@CeBIT last week, on the importance of authenticity when using social media for business.

It’s recorded on a Nokia N80 phone by Mike Seyfang so it’s a bit rough, but you’ll get the content. You’ll also hear me swear a few times because, well, that’s apparently what I’m now expected to do.

One key theme is that if businesses try to micro-manage every aspect of the communication between their employees and the rest of the world — denying that there are mistakes, or that some people don’t like them — they’ll end up becoming paranoid psychotics. I hope to expand upon that in due course.

Mike also recorded the presentations from my co-panellists Hugo Ortega, Kate Carruthers and Nick Hodge, but not Laurel Papworth for some reason.

I did see a “proper” video camera on the day, so I think CeBIT will place higher-resolution video online in due course. I’ll let you know if and when that happens.

[Update 22 March 2014: Since the Qik video service will cease to exist on 30 April 2014, I’ve embedded a YouTube copy of that video instead.]

5 Replies to “The Importance of Authenticity”

  1. Thanks for putting up the video, Stil. I missed the panel unfortunately so I was happy to find the talk here.

    While I really strongly dislike war analogies (having done compulsory military service may have something to do with that), your likening of trying to control PR to trying to micro-manage a battle was spot on. I may actually steal and use that in my own presos. 😉

  2. Fuck @fang.

    I can say that because it’s like, your blog, not mine. I vote him for cnut of the week. 😛

    Actually we love fang. But not today when he stuffs up video’ing moi.

    How’s #secretmission coming along?

    <3 Laurel aka @SilkCharm

  3. @Tom Voirol: Feel free to steal the analogy — with credit. 😉 But yes, usually war analogies for business are quite wrong. One of my pet hates was that time when salesmen would call themselves “road warriors”.

    @Laurel Papworth: Doesn’t swearing give one a sense of liberation? Be free! Be free!

    #secretmission will be announced in just a few minutes, actually…

  4. Wow – @silkcharm, that’s the best offer I’ve had from a hundred year old riled up Pixie all day!! In a bizzare twist of inverted serendipity tis actually #OptusPoo responsible for the omission of your verbal emissions.

    Much as I love my @internode NodeMobile data sim card that transported the short bursts of grainy video goodness to the intertubes, it is re-badged Optus neath the coverz. While the signal strength was OK in the room, the upload speed with that many people at darling harbour was just woeful. Best I could do was to grab 5min video, then wait 10min for buffer to clear and repeat. You, my dear spoke your presso at exactly the wrong time.

    I am so sorry.

    Love and kisses

    p.s. for a complete list of my many techno woes last week read this:

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