PodCamp Perth 2007: Social Media and the Federal Election

Here’s a video of my presentation from PodCamp Perth 2007.

Thanks to Stewart Greenhill for the video work. As Stephen says:

I’ve put them on Viddler because it supports long videos and has some nifty tagging and commenting features. Feel free to be social: if you see something fun or interesting just click on the green “+” button and add a comment. That way, if people don’t have time to watch the whole thing at least we can check out the highlights. If you see the word “PROGRESSIVE” in the bottom left, click on it to switch to STREAMING mode. You can skip to any point in the movie by clicking in the seek bar, or on a comment point.

Alas, the very end is missing thanks to a flat camera battery. Mind you, Stephen wasn’t the only one to “experience technical difficulties”.

[Update 15 January 2007: I believe I have a complete audio recording of the session. If there’s enough interest I’ll combine it with my slides and this video, and/or generate a transcript.]

4 Replies to “PodCamp Perth 2007: Social Media and the Federal Election”

  1. Hey,

    That was pretty weird watching my YouTube video being played live at a conference, filmed and posted back as a web video! 🙂

    Great presentation! Well done! Shame about the slight technical hitches – but they didn’t detract from your message or your delivery.

    Congratulations – and thanks for including my vid!!


    Stefan a.k.a. Cyrius01

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