Published twice in one day

Scan of New Scientist piece

I’m happy. I’ve been published twice today, thrice this week.

As I mentioned before, Crikey was happy for me to cover today’s panel discussion with IT minister Senator Helen Coonan and her Labor opponent Senator Stephen Conroy. They were joined this morning by Democrats leader, Senator Lyn Allison.

My Crikey story points out that Coonan scored at least three own goals. I’m chuffed that it was selected as a “top story” for subscribers.

My other Crikey story was about Australia’s contribution to the Space Age, published on Wednesday and including my comments about the spaceport we never seem to get.

I’ll do a public version of both those stories tomorrow.

And the third piece was a little snippet for New Scientist, which I sent them on 24 June. There’s a picture (right), but here are the words for search engines to find.

The label on reader Stilgherrian’s Australian-made Starmaid ice-cube trays reassures him that they are “freezer safe” — which he says is “handy”.

But right now it’s Red Wine Time…

2 Replies to “Published twice in one day”

  1. @Laurel Papworth: Cheers! In every sense of the word. Alas, in vino veritas is followed all too often by in morning headache and where’s that goddam coffee?.

    Odd, though, that I make a point about being published twice yesterday. I’m published twice most days — right here. By me. I guess The Big Deal is that a “proper publication” published me. I wonder when we’ll get over that?

    (Oh, I’ve been in New Scientist before. Not sure if that Google link picks up all of them. I was extremely chuffed to be able to correct a mistake by the great mathematician Roger Penrose.)

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