Episode 4 tonight

Yes, episode 4 of Stilgherrian Live Alpha will happen at 9.30pm tonight Sydney time. Will it be as disturbing as last week’s? There’s only one way to find out… well two, actually, ‘cos you could just ask someone. That shows how silly that stock advertising phrase really is.

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  1. Your hype machine’s tapering off a bit from previous weeks, Stil. But speaking of advertising, did you happen to catch the premiere of The Gruen Transfer last night? I’ve just watched the download from the ABC website and it’s insightful, entertaining stuff. You can tell it’s got Denton’s fingerprints all over it.

  2. @Stephen Stockwell: the tide of workflow last week was all about attending conferences, this week all about sorting out project panning for clients, and next week all about building a client’s new 2-store computer network. In amongst that, pimping what is really a personal experiment has fallen back. Still, I’ happy with steady, organic growth on that front.

    As for The Gruen Transfer, it’s fairly safe to assume that if you question contains “Did you see X on TV?” the answer will be “No”. TV reception is now almost non-existent in our patch, and I refuse to pay Foxtel for a data link which only delivers their worldview when I already pay for a data link which can deliver everyone’s worldview.

    Mr Denton’s new project will get further attention tomorrow, or on Saturday. Perhaps.

  3. Perhaps a tagline competition is in order to restart the hype machine.

    “Stilgherrian Live Alpha: It’s like Sunday mornings with Macca, but for web geeks.”

    OK, maybe not.

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