What poll?

The Weekly Poll about the relevance of Australian of the Year looks decidedly out of date now. I should replace it. But with what?

6 Replies to “What poll?”

  1. @Alex Willemyns: Yeah, but the problem is always thinking up one question, let alone several to choose from. There’s never enough traffic to make any poll meaningful, so I struggle to find something amusing and witty enough.

    Maybe I should just find another dead celebrity to make fun of…

  2. I’d be interested to know who is winning in the battle of Kylie vs Madonna vs Britney. Your readers would be an excellent indication.

  3. @jason: You’re absolutely right. The poll for “ultimate pop princess” shall be set up tonight. Obviously we need to include Dannii as well… and… anyone else?

  4. Amy Winehouse for the kids who don’t like “mainstream” pop. (never mind the fact Amy is probably more mainstream than Dannii Minogue)

    Melissa Tkautz for the 90s inclined and the lulz. Then again, she is kinda obscure to non-Australians/trash pop culture junkies/E-Street watchers.

    Olivia Newton-John for the oldies (or we could put in Lulu 😆 )

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