Today’s “Stilgherrian Live” is elsewhere

An import reminder about today’s Stilgherrian Live (Metro Screen) Special Edition: It isn’t at my usual Ustream channel but over at Metro Screen’s Viocorp stream, starting at 2pm Sydney time. There’s a CoveritLive chat stream, but we’ll also be monitoring Twitter for the hashtag #mslive (for “Metro Screen Live”, you see). Five hours to go…

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  1. @Dean: It would have been recorded to go online with Metro Screen’s Short Films. Eventually.

    The program from the first course in May only went online 15 June, so I fear it may be weeks until that happens.

    That’s a shame, for two reasons:

    1. The longer it takes for the students to see the program they made, the less they’ll remember the specifics of what they did and how it ended up looking — and the poorer the learning experience.
    2. Not being able to watch the archived program and, perhaps, still being able to comment misses one key point of doing it online: interaction.

    As an observer, it did seem that the course really was just about making live multi-camera TV, with the fact that it was streamed merely being a technicality at the end. As far as I know, the course didn’t include anything about interactivity, and ’Pong’s inclusion of Stilgherrian Live in the mix was the only acknowledgement that the live audience even existed.

    I’ll have more to say about that when the program goes online.

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