Episode 49 tonight, please nominate your Cnuts

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Yes, there will be an episode of Stilgherrian Live tonight, in some way, shape or form, so it’s time to start nominating someone or something for “Cnut of the Week”.

We’re looking for people, organisations or other entities who are futilely trying to hold back the tide of change. It has to be something in the news in the last week, and you have to explain yourself. Nominees have to be not merely doing bad things, but failing to notice or adapt to the change around them.

Everyone who nominates and leaves a valid email address goes into the draw for a free t-shirt of their choice from our friends at King Cnut Ethical Clothing.

Nominations for “Cnut of the Week” are open until 8.30pm Sydney time, and you must nominate at the website for it to count. And also, when we draw the t-shirt winner, you must be watching the program and email us the code word within 3 minutes of your name being announced, otherwise we’ll pick someone else.

(Of course, neither they nor us are as lame and unethical as to share your email address with anyone else. I for one have site policies about this sort of thing, and so do they.)

At 8.30pm you would normally be watching Nick Hodge‘s program @NickHodge , but tonight @Yin_Yin will provide a music program instead. “Alternative and electro paradise”, he says. Stilgherrian Live starts at 9.30pm.

Who do you nominate, and why?

20 Replies to “Episode 49 tonight, please nominate your Cnuts”

  1. I nominate the entire Federal Government for:

    • having the hubris to believe that 0.4% growth last quarter has even remotely bolstered the economy, and
    • having such a execrable climate change policy and insisting on ramming it through the Parliament before the Copenhagen talks

    I also nominate the Federal Opposition for believing that their job is simply to oppose.

    I further nominate the heritage media for continuing to flog the well-dead pig that is H1N1.

    1. I nominate Stephen Collins as Cnut of the Week for failing to realise that growth on any scale is remarkable in a recession (and technically ends it).

  2. Are three nominations greedy, or just a sign of indecision? In any event, a bit of biffo in the “Cnut of the Week” nominations won’t go astray… 😉

  3. Well a very topical and late entry for the week would have to nominate the Cnut of the Week to be the funny guys at The Chaser for their less than funny skit about the kiddies.

  4. “Angry viewers” of the ABC who whinged about the Chaser skit. It’s just satire people!

  5. I am surprised to see China is not yet mentioned. Anyway…

    Chaser desrves a qualification for failing to realize that Howard era is over and that Rudd deserves a different comedic paradigm.

    But my official entry is: the 46 percent of people in New South Wales that would still give their two party distributed vote preferences to Labor.

    And China…

  6. Fielding for going to a bunch of climate change skeptics to get more information on which to decide if humans are causing global warming.
    I mean really it may not be all humanity’s fault but far out.

  7. I’d have to also nominate the Air France phone operator for being upset when I said “Down the shallow end” in response to her asking where I’d like to sit.

  8. I second james beattle. “Angry Viewers’ its a sketch/satire comedy show hits and misses. Keep moaning and it will be back to Hey Day comedies.

  9. I nominate The Hon. Joel Fitzgibbon. Obviously, he either was not conservative enough for the Dept of Defense; or more likely: he did not buy the boys enough toys. Either way, he forgot to duck the continuing friendly fire from his department (allegedly)

  10. I nominate the so called new generation of porn peddlers on Twitter (Britney’s Sex Tape). I have come across some lovely, clever people who have some innovative solutions for delivering naughty stuff via mobile. That’s the way of the future

  11. Joe Hockey for seriously pathetic graphing skills. Was quite impressed he was able to use a laminating machine to dress up those props.

    Surprised no-one went for Barnaby Joyce and his “Spac attack” comment. Talk about the gun backfiring in your face. That was funnier than LOL kittens.

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