Am I John Birmingham’s inappropriate Muse?

Photograph of John BirminghamI seem to have some really odd Special Powers. I can walk into a strange pub, buy the last few tickets for the meat raffle, and win — much to the chagrin of the regulars. I can also create inappropriate mental images which then persist.

Like “masturbating to tentacle pr0n”.

Yesterday, I made an offhand comment on Twitter to writer John Birmingham (pictured), who had the misfortune of having to watch the Hey Hey It’s Saturday reunion special last night.

This morning, his column Hey, it wasn’t that bad, quotes me by name.

It is, as I say, a Special Power.

9 Replies to “Am I John Birmingham’s inappropriate Muse?”

  1. @Duncan Riley: You know, I can think of worse fates. I’m already a character in one of Ian Livingstone‘s “choose your own adventure” game books in the Fighting Fantasy series. Apparently a huge Stilgherrian is seen emerging from a swamp.

    Alas, the person who told me didn’t buy a copy of the book, and Livingstone himself wrote so many of those damn things that he couldn’t remember which one it was — though he did vaguely remember meeting me.

  2. Yeah… I’ll take the whiskey and tentacle pr0n. Although maybe it’s just the result of a mildly traumatic moment when I flicked on the TV and thought that all those retro fashions, cute cassette-tape motifs and the WA government’s backward view on trading hours had opened up some kind of rift in the space-time continuum and transported me back to the 1980s. O_O

    And I don’t even like whiskey.

  3. @Sabian: I actually quite like “tweeenbud”. It sounds like it’s about friendly camaraderie. “Twitterati” has a touch of elitism about and, like “glitterati”, there’s a sense of disparagement. Plus I reckon they measure two different things: familiarity versus (self-)importance.

  4. Oh dear, advocating squiddie porn?

    Just wait till the Hetty Johnson of the marine biology world catches up with you……

  5. Stilgherrian: You may recall that @premierofnsw tweeted

    “Today I’ll introduce legislation with new powers to protect public safety and cancel public housing leases in cases like Dennis Ferguson”

    5:07 PM Sep 22nd from web

    .. and that Dennis Ferguson was subsequently moved.

    Where to ?

    Well in the State of Georgia they have taken to tents and live in the woods,27574,26141415-401,00.html

    “Lawyer Sarah Geraghty from the Southern Center for Human Rights said authorities needed a better place to send sex offenders. One of the men in the camp is one of her clients.

    “Requiring people to live like animals in the woods is both inhumane and a terrible idea for public safety,” Ms Geraghty said.

    She said she could only find one appropriate homeless shelter for the convicted criminals and that it was often full.

    Dozens of sex offenders are also reportedly living in a larger “tent city” in Florida.”

    See also (Youtube)

    First Person: Sex Offenders Living in Tents (Associated Press)

    BTW: I had a bit of chat with Hetty Johnston at the Museum of Contemporary Art after the Bill Hension debate hosted by David Marr and Margaret Pomeranz. I still have her business card.

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