Royal Navy’s first ever gay sex

According to that ever-reliable journal, The Sun, fitness instructor Sam Connell is the Royal Navy‘s first ever male trainer to be accused of a sexual liaison with a male recruit. That’s right, the very first. Ever.

Now it just so happens that Mr Connell is a finalist in Mr Gay UK. And while the prize money is only £5000, it strikes me that having his photo in The Sun won’t harm his post-RN career path. A hunky “I was a sailor” fitness instructor should do quite nicely.

And thank you to Richard Watts for keeping his eye on the tabloids. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

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  1. There’s an ex-navy fitness instructor at my gym. He’s quite the yum, and as a bonus his name is James.

    Unfortunately, he seems to prefer women *sigh*

  2. On indeed, Snarky Platypus, My Gay UK is about as diverse as a _Ralph_ magazine photoshoot — and about as relevant.

    I’ve just spent a few minutes trying to find a single black entrant, a single entrant who’s what the Brits would call “Asian” (i.e. Indian or Pakistani), or one that we’d call Asian. Or a red-haired Scot. Tough job.

    What I’d like to know is what they do with all the body hair. There must be a warehouse full of it somewhere…

  3. “And thank you to Richard Watts for keeping his eye on the tabloids. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.”

    Glad to be of service, sir.

  4. Well being the sailor in question it was nice to hear something that wasnt really ‘slagging’ me off for once! I dont get what all the big deal is? I had consensual sex with another lad! FFS its not the end of the world and please I would like to emphasise the Royal Navy big wigs have been very supportive of all of the ‘bad press’ that has been written. Oh and i have not lost my job as _The Sun_ seemed to suggest! I am still a physical trainer in the RN!!

    Keep smiling and stay frosty!!!

  5. Sam, thanks very much for taking the time to post a comment. Having worked on and off in the media for years, and having had friends in the forces here in Oz — where, I’m told the old homophobic attitudes are slowly dying too — I can understand the world must’ve been rather hectic for you lately! Good luck in the finals.

  6. Well just so you guys know i came second! Its a good result for me and for the Navy but i am still expecting some bad press from people like the Sun! Wankers!

  7. As a hetero ex-serviceman, can I just point out that I served alongside gay & lesbian folks, even before it was ‘legal’ (?!), and fail(ed) to see what the problem is.

    I’m sorry, conservatives, but it made 5/8ths of fuck-all difference to how they did their job or interacted with their colleagues. About the only ‘concession’ made to their preference was the use of neutral words like ‘partner’ when issuing barbecue invitations – and that’s just basic manners in the real world anyway.

    My colleagues didn’t define themselves by their sexuality, so much as their obvious pride in being sailors, soldiers or airmen.

    I think the Colonel Blimps imagine that every homosexual is an indiscriminate sexual predator who cannot restrain their impulses, and therefore becomes a menace in communal showers, etc. That ain’t true; almost everyone in the forces, gay or straight, showed respect for one another’s personal space in my experience. (Except when it came to bootnecks having roll-mat fights, but they’re weird.) And don’t gay & lesbian people have, erm, standards too?

    The only sexual harassment cases I was aware of during my time in uniform involved middle-aged male hetero officers and young female troops.

    Anyway, ‘welcome aboard’, Sam; you seem a nice bloke, and judging by your photos you’re an excellent role model as a PTI. As far as I’m concerned, you’re a good bit of PR for the RN.

    However, I must admit I’m concerned about how you found this site; have you been Googling yourself? Vanity is a sin, young man.

  8. Lol yeah i have got to admit i did google myself and everyone has a vain side to them!!! Thanks for your comments about being a good role model. I do get quite alot of people saying this to me so hopefully i am being one!

  9. Ah Richard, don’t pick on Sam. Doesn’t _everyone_ Google their own name to see what Those Bastards are saying about them? Especially when _The Sun_ is involved…

  10. Stilgherrian,

    Cheers for your comments dude, tell Dickie to wind his neck in. lol

    Everyone Googles thier names! I bet you have all done it

  11. Sam & Stil, last time I Googled myself I was amazed to find I held an MBA degree and had written several books on corporate management. So why do I still find tax time so friggin’ painful?

  12. Sam, nice to see you came back here. If you’re still tuned in I offer my belated congratulations for a great result in the competition. Did the boss clear lower decks & give a big speech about the ‘New Navy’? ; )

  13. Well thanks for you kind words as usual. No they never ‘clear lower decked’ the establishment. That would have killed me. I am still waiting to see what punishment that i going to get for the ‘scandal’ i committed. Although the good news is the whole of the LGBT community in the RN knows who i am (is that good or bad??)

  14. I joined Raleigh on 16th o July, and PT Connell was my instructor, I didn’t see what the big deal was, and was disappointed to see him go, he pushed us all to the max, and enforced dicipline but also had a laugh with us, we all had an idea staff, but we thought you were an alright guy lol

    Keep smilin Staff !!

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