The Future was 1993

Back when I was cool (roughly 1990-1995), I was executive producer of a four-track vinyl release of new Adelaide dance music: The Core EP, named after our magazine The Core. The lead track We Are The Future was by DAMC (Dave McCann) and DJ Brendan. And here it is.

If that YouTube player doesn’t work for you, try directly at YouTube.

Dave writes:

[It] then got licensed to Rabbit City Records UK, released on the Australian EP 12″. You can also find it on a Vicious Vinyl CD compilation. Carl Cox gave this track a lot of spins in 1994.

Dave has also posted a list of all the music he made as DAMC.

Other tracks on the EP were by Aquila (Matthew Thomas), Quantization (Mat Farrington) and Maas Unconscious (a duo whose names escape me just now).

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  1. Cue strobe lights and smoke machines. I’ll find my most fluorescent, reflective, pocket/zipper laden pants and a tight t-shirt.

    Reminds me of some pretty dodgy raves I went to as a kid during the mid 90s.

  2. @Kirk Broadhurst: For me, this track signals the very end of an era. The EP was pretty much the last thing I did after presenting Triple J’s Club Escape and then working on The Core. Indeed it was released just after I left The Core, and the interpersonal situation was still so toxic that I never even got a copy of the record. It thought was that petty.

    There were some thoroughly brilliant raves in Adelaide. Indeed, what was arguable Australia’s first rave was Warehouse One, held in the space which was then the East End markets. Sydney had been running warehouse parties before then, of course — most notably the infamous RAT parties — but Warehouse One was styled more on the English parties.

  3. My memory of that big blur of a night at Cheltenham racecourse remains crystal clear.

  4. I thought I recognised that face as belonging to one of the deviants oft spotted close to the back bar of the Synagogue in the early 90’s?? 🙂

    I was working in the bar at Synagogue back when young DAMC wrote his first tunes. They were great times, I still think some of the best of what was to emerge as dance music scene/culture in Australia was spawned at that time and place.

    I stomped and shook my bootie all over the room to this track many many times>Thanks for resurrecting some great memories !

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