Weekly Wrap 526: Forget the Quarantimes, listen to Korean techno DJs

Screenshot of Seoul Community Radio, DJ is not known

The week of Monday 22 to Sunday 28 June 2020 saw me pass the 100-day mark in my Quarantimes. Some COVID-19 restrictions have started to be lifted in NSW, but I still think it’s too early, in my totally not an expert opinion. We shall see. Meanwhile, The America is fucked.

I’m going to explore these issues more in my next podcast. Stay tuned. But I will say now is that I’m starting to explore some new parts of the world while trying to ignore the depression of the Quarantimes. See the recommendations below.


Media Appearances

Podcasts, Corporate Largesse



This is a new section of the Weekly Wrap. I thought I’d make it slightly less about me and slightly more about what I’m discovering in the world. So each week I’ll recommend some things you might like to have a look at. Please let me know if you find these of interest.

The Week Ahead

The isolation continues at Bunjaree Cottages at Wentworth Falls. With an immunocompromised person living just metres away, I’m still restricting my excursions to the bare essentials.

I suspect this week will be a bit thin in terms of journalism, because the new financial year starts on Wednesday. Organisations tend to be introspective at this time. That said, I have two ZDNet stories in the writing queue already.

On Tuesday morning I’ll be diving into the livestream of A conversation with author David Kilcullen at the United States Study Centre. You should too. He’s a remarkably sharp thinker about military strategy and counterinsurgency, and will be talking about why he believes “the risk of organised, civil violence in the United States in 2020 is far more widespread and potentially more dangerous than commonly thought”.

On Thursday I’ll record another episode of The 9pm Edict podcast.

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The rest of the week I’ll play by ear. The Eden-Monaro by-election is on Saturday, so there should be some amusing politics on Saturday night. Just for a bit of fun.

Further Ahead

Shall we laugh at tyhese tentavive bookings?

[Photo: A random screenshot of Seoul Community Radio from 28 June 2020. I don’t know the DJ’s name. Update 5 July 2020: The DJ in the photo is actually Indonesian, either Defashah (Batavia Strut) or Abice, playing in this set.]