’Pong’s photos on King Street

Suwannakorn image

One for the diary: the Suwannakorn series of photographs by my better half ’Pong will be on display at the European Grill, 506 King Street, during Newtown’s Walking the Street Exhibition from next Saturday 7 October.

Personally, I’d much rather have seen some of the urban abstracts on display, but hey that’s my taste. Maybe I just don’t like blue. But then the choice was also influenced by the display space available in the venue.

4 Replies to “’Pong’s photos on King Street”

  1. Thx Stil. I want to kick off my first show with this series. There will more of urban landscape in the future for sure. Both in Sydney and Melbourne.

  2. I know this series is special to you, so I understand your choice. I think I’ve just “seen them all before” and so they’re not fresh for me.

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