A Surfeit of Stilgherrian

Two published stories from me yesterday. In New Matilda, Well That’s Awkward covers the outing of Telstra employee Leslie Nassar as Fake Stephen Conroy. And in Crikey, ACMA issues threats, meets the Streisand Effect covers the government’s threat of $11,000-per-day fines to people even linking to links to “prohibited” material. The latter is behind Crikey‘s paywall for the moment.

4 Replies to “A Surfeit of Stilgherrian”

  1. @Neerav: Thanks for the quote and link! If I get time to expand on that, I will — though I think my original statement is fairly clear, eh?

  2. Not really germane to this entry in particular, but it would be really nice to see someone from law enforcement involved in actually catching child pornographers make a strong public statement to the effect that “The money proposed to be used on the Internet Filter will do nothing to reduce the production or consumption of child pornography, and if that money were given to anti-CP law enforcement instead, we could make a real difference.”

    We know it’s true. They know it’s true. If they stated it loudly and publicly, the broader public might actually start to wonder why the politicians are pushing for a measure that the actual police involved in actually stopping child pornography think is stupid.

  3. @Brillat: It’s difficult for people working in law enforcement to comment on political issues. It’s usually done through their staff associations. But it’s a damn good avenue to explore. And I shall.

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