Costello Snark 2003

This week’s spat between John Howard and Peter Costello over the prime ministership is all over the media, so no need for me to comment. But, thanks to Crikey I was reminded of one of Costello’s wond’rous snarky interviews — from 2003, again on the subject of the Liberal party leadership…

Journalist: Mr Costello, when did Mr Howard tell you of his decision?

Costello: Yesterday.

Journalist: How?

Costello: In words.

Journalist: (inaudible)

Treasurer: Yes, you know, words, which I heard through my ears. Sorry. Yes.

Journalist: (inaudible)

Costello: It was yesterday Michelle. The sun had risen, there was rain coming down, wind was going on, it was in words and it was heard through my ears and it was comprehended by my brain.