Disturbing the Store

My vote for “Prank of the Month” (well, last month) goes to the New York-based Improv Everywhere crew for flooding a Best Buy department store with around 80 people dressed almost like their staff.

The full report on this prank shows how the store management couldn’t cope — they didn’t like it, and people get nervous when confronted with something “different”.

It’s also interesting reading the comments on Bruce Schneier’s write-up of this event, where so many commenters fail to see the difference between a “threat to the store” and a “threat to the perceived authority of the store managers”.

2 Replies to “Disturbing the Store”

  1. In the late ’80s, Pizza Hut rendered itself immune to such Situationist pranks by issuing its male employees a unform so vile that nobody would wear it unless they absolutely had to.

    It comprised a red checked shirt (think ‘Glen Campbell album cover’), and hideous, stretchy, beige polyester trousers that came pre-impregnated with the stink of tomato sauce and garlic.

    This being the ’80s, most blokes would finish off this ensemble with white leather trainers.

    Yes, I wore this uniform (apart from the white leather trainers, which were a bit too ‘Bon Jovi’ for me). As Geri Halliwell said, I was young and I needed the money.

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