Labor’s Plan for Cyber Safety, November 2007

The Labor Party has removed their pre-election policy on internet censorship from the ALP website, so here it is. Labor’s Plan for Cyber Safety (November 2007) [61kB PDF].

This policy, with Senator Stephen Conroy listed as the author, was a last-minute addition to the ALP’s policies in the final weeks before the 2007 federal election.

(You can also still find it via this Internet Archive snapshot taken the day before the election, but it’s always good to have a spare, right?)

I’m posting this because I’ll be referring to it in various articles over the next few weeks. Stand by.

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  1. Syd Walker’s avatar

    That’s interesting Stig.

    I wonder if it’s disappearance is a good omen, notwithstanding Conroy’s recent comments to the press? One can only hope.

    I’ve put a page together combining my own letter to Julia Gillard with some suggestions for people who might like to do the same. It’s at:

  2. Stilgherrian’s avatar

    @Syd Walker: From memory the 2007 policy documents were removed from the ALP website around the time the 2009 party platform was posted. I don’t see anything particularly sinister in this, just the usual notion that websites — particularly political websites — live in the perpetual present. Providing an historical archive isn’t in the mindset.

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