The Madness of King John

Cartoon: The Madness of King John

With news last night that John Howard has returned to Canberra — yes, it looks like the actual election campaign will finally get under way! — I reckon I’ll be writing a bunch about politics for the next few weeks. Nothing wrong with that: we are deciding who’ll lead the nation! Before I write today’s essay, though, I simply must post this cartoon. Thanks to Alextremist for the pointer, and The Australian for the original.

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  1. @Alex Willemyns: Ah yeah I was wondering whether that was a bug or a feature of Tumblr. But yes, I often read what you post thru the RSS feed only to find the post itself has subsequently vanished. As someone more clever than me wrote, “This is the Internet. You can’t take the pee out of the pool.”

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