2 Replies to “Gloves off!”

  1. How grubby?

    Two days out from the election, Howard narrowly escapes assassination attempt by Sudanese Muslim refugees, who confess that they were put up to it by the CFMEU.


    Or my personal dream: Four days out from the election, Costello has the mother of all dummy spits, has a huge dump on Howard for his lack of economic responsibility and his lack of integrity, resigns from the Liberal Party, and sails off into the sunset yelling “I told you if you didn’t hand over to me I’d destroy your Prime Ministership. Did you really think that a leadership challenge was the only way I could do that?” Byeeeee


    Seriously though, I reckon Howard’s known he’s been gone for a long time, ever since he made his “annihilation” comments. That didn’t come from nowhere, that came from looking at internal seat by seat polling.

    He’s always been good at the numbers, hence the lack of challenges within the Libs, and he knows what’s coming. But what’s he supposed to do, not campaign?

  2. @John Kramer: You’re spot on the money there. Howard knows he’s going to lose. He is, after all, a crafty political numbers man and sees the clear signs. But he’s going down with all guns blazing, Hyacinth on the deck beside him.

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