Patch Monday: Refused Classification means what, exactly?

ZDNet Australia logo: click for Patch Monday episode 36Australia’s planned mandatory ISP-level internet filter will block Refused Classification (RC) material. Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy says that’s “child pornography, pro-bestiality sites, pro-rape websites and material like that”. But it’s actually more than that.

I covered this in the most recent episode of the Patch Monday podcast, back on 29 March, but I forgot to re-post it here. Consider that fixed.

My guest is Professor Catharine Lumby, one of the authors of Untangling the Net: The Scope of Content caught by Mandatory Internet Filtering.

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  1. Quote:

    “Many of my DVDs are now in the bookstores there thanks to an Australian distributor I met at the AVN in January”

    Irene Boss (Live Journal)

    “there” here is referring to Australia.

    (a link to this open LiveJournal discussion can be provided)


    BTW: I rang Mike Handcock of Rock Your Life in Auckland Saturday monring and he appears very eager to speak at New South Wales Parlament House on June 22nd. on the topic of the Mayan Calendar. I believe he’s even flying in from New Zealand just to be there. There’s now a booking widget on the FORT website.

    We don’t only do Jim Wallace and Fionna Patten 🙂


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