Hey patty! Looks like you’ll lose your bet!

When I gave my predictions for 2008, I said Barack Obama would become President of the USA. patty disagreed, and we made a bet. Given that Obama won the South Carolina Primary yesterday, I reckon I’m well on the way to winning. Better warm up that olive oil, patty!

3 Replies to “Hey patty! Looks like you’ll lose your bet!”

  1. The South Carolina primary is not indicative of anything much — Edwards won it in 2004. Jesse Jackson won it in 1988 😯 Florida on Tuesday will give a better indication of where things are at.

  2. @Snarky Platypus: I was about to ask, “Who’s Edwards?” But I guess that’s the point. Super Tuesday on 5 February is the killer, of course. But the bet’s not resolved until the election itself on that first Tuesday in November.

    What odds the Republicans could still win? Centrebet currently have Hilary Clinton at $2.30, Barack Obama at $3.20 and John McCain at $5.25.

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