Paul Keating ringtone: desiccated coconut

Thanks to Crikey and Red Symons, you can now download a free ringtone of Paul Keating calling John Howard “a little desiccated coconut”.

To download the ringtone, right-click on the link and then select “Save target as…” (for Internet Explorer) or “Save link as…” (for Firefox) and save it to your desktop or music library. Then follow the instructions for your particular handset to transfer it to your phone.

Since Symons currently presents the breakfast program on ABC Local Radio in Melbourne, I wonder if he’ll get in trouble with the ABC’s Howard-stacked Board?

6 Replies to “Paul Keating ringtone: desiccated coconut”

  1. Actually, Keating said Australia is the arse-end of the world, rather than it was in it, which to me is a slightly different metaphor. But either way, Keating was the grand master of snarkiness — it’ll take a lot for someone to surpass his level of sarcasm.

    All that said, calling JWH a “little desiccated coconut” is playing the man and not the ball — an ad hominem argument — which is intellectually dishonest. And yet that’s what we remember. Ah, human nature…!

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