John Winston Howard, DJ

Photograph of newspaper images of John Howard, modified to add hand-drawn headphones to make him look like a DJ

This image is a work of genius, I think. Sure, the Daily Telegraph started it with a set of three fine photos of John Howard. But the modifications by our unknown pen-wielding humourist are simply superb.

This was passed to me via too many links to track down the source. So if anyone knows the creator of this piece, please tell me so I can give proper credit.

Yes, the photo has the C-word in it. Grow up, we’ve all heard it before…

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  1. hahaha i drew this a few years back! no idea how it ended up on the net though…
    my mate told me he saw it so i had to check it out. mix master howard cuts it yo…

  2. sorry eddy, but i believe this is the person who actually created it [URL deleted].

    created way back in 2007, and the copy was left in our yr 12 student dorm for pondering 😛

  3. @cc and @eddy: Unless either of you is prepared to use a real email address and come up with something even remotely like evidence, I call bullshit on your stories.

    It strikes me that anyone who created such an image would remember where it happened. And they would have shown at least one real human friend who could vouch for their story.

    I just deleted the link you provided, cc, because it didn’t link to a person but to the Facebook page for some Melbourne-based fashion label. So I figured you’re just doing some lame low-rent SEO. Not interested.

    Of course, either of you can reverse my opinion immediately with evidence. Over to you.

  4. We should get The Daily Terror to help out by running a competition, “Did you do this?” [Insert Picture]

  5. Philip Glass is better imo, the heavy duty Powaqqatsi stuff, with JWH doing his schlick .. creative clipz 🙂

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