Weekly Poll: Who should be sacked over Dr Haneef?

By any measure, the arrest and detention of Dr Mohammed Haneef on terrorism charges turned into a debacle. Much has already been written about it — and there’ll be a lot more to come, rest assured. The question that interests me right now, though, is who’ll wear the blame?

The new poll on my website asks a simple question: Who should be sacked?

  • Federal police commissioner Mick Keelty? News today is that he’s blaming everyone else — but his organisation was in charge of the investigation, wasn’t it?
  • Damian Bugg QC, Director of Public Prosecutions. While he did step in eventually, you’d have thought that in such a politically-sensitive case he’d have been involved from the start.
  • Kevin Andrews, Minister for Immigration. Dear dear dear, Kevin, first WorkChoices and now this. Last week’s poll suggested you’d be first voted off the island, and it’s looking even more likely now.
  • Attorney-General Phillip Ruddock, for sticking his oar into the mess.
  • and I’ve made some other suggestions too.

[poll id=”4″]

If you vote, also feel free to post some comments here explaining your choice.

4 Replies to “Weekly Poll: Who should be sacked over Dr Haneef?”

  1. Still, I’m kinda glad we live in a country were someone who is identified as questionable is allowed to pass through the system in days rather than years and with an awareness of human rights.

  2. @jason: I don’t think we’re at risk of confusing Australia with Zimbabwe or Belarus just yet, no. But I still wonder… The government tried so obviously to use the Haneef case politically in an election year — and then it all went pear-shaped. Politically they had no choice but to let the man go home — to the end, acting tough by “deporting” him.

    If the government hadn’t given the case such a high profile from the start, would Haneef be free today?

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