Talking Internet censorship this Sunday

Breaking Down the Barriers logo: click for websiteOn Sunday, I’ll be at the Breaking Down the Barriers conference at the Sydney University law School, talking Internet content regulation — that is, censorship.

I’m on a forum panel (scroll down to “Forum 5”) with Geordie Guy from Electronic Frontiers Australia; James McDougall, Director, National Children’s and Youth Law Centre; network engineer Mark Newton; and moderator David Vaile, Executive Director of the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre at UNSW.

I’ve been asked to talk about:

The debate surrounding the government’s filtering proposal, with an overview of how the issue is played out in the media; the different tactics used by proponents and opponents of the proposal; how the issue has been framed and how moral panic has been used in the debate; how evidence is used by proponents and opponents of the filtering proposal and in particular how the Government uses evidence to support its “evidence-based policy”; the potential impact of the proposal if any on free speech and different interpretations of actions that have been taken.


I’ll record my presentation, perhaps with video if it can be organised, so stay tuned.

[Update 4.35pm: I suppose I should mention that the forum is scheduled for 2.15pm Sunday.]

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  1. Eric TF Bat’s avatar

    Don’t forget to drop into the conversation that Mark Newton’s name is an anagram of “Network Man”, which is what we used to call him on Choral Chat. Say hi to him from me!

  2. Paul’s avatar

    Fantastic. This is a critical issue in my humble opinion. I look forward to the results of your forum. Practical issues may well define the outcome more than moral or political issues. It seems whether or not censorship of the internet is even possible is still moot.

  3. Stilgherrian’s avatar

    @Paul: I think the only actual “outcome” from this event will be better-informed law students. Still, that’s a useful thing.

  4. Ben Grubb’s avatar

    Interesting. I should like totally come.

  5. Stilgherrian’s avatar

    @Ben Grubb: Which reminds me, I haven’t said that our panel starts at 2.15pm on Sunday. I’d better add that to the post now.

  6. Bob Bain’s avatar

    @Ben Grubb

    Registrations have now closed

    Ways to attend Breaking Down Boundaries 2009

    1. Join a delegation
    2. Apply for a Rotary Club of Burwood Subsidy
    3. Contact your law student society
    4. Register now ( Registrations have now closed )

    5. Sneak in without paying !

  7. Stilgherrian’s avatar

    @Bob Bain: Or option 6, call them as a media representative and ask if you can cover the event.

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