Topic 9 to discuss Australia 2020 Summit’s government topic

I’ve just registered the Internet domain, where I’ll set up a blog to discuss topic number 9 of the Australia 2020 Summit: “The future of Australian governance: renewed democracy, a more open government (including the role of the media), the structure of the Federation and the rights and responsibilities of citizens.”

I won’t have time to do anything with it until (probably) tomorrow evening. Meanwhile, can you suggest people who might be interesting contributors?

3 Replies to “Topic 9 to discuss Australia 2020 Summit’s government topic”

  1. I volunteer Michael Warby. I find him frequently irritating and weasel-like, with a tendency to only stop using veiled ad hominems long enough to accuse his opponents of using veiled ad hominems, but for all that he’s blindingly intelligent and very well read. You’ll probably hate him within seconds, since I think he’s the Mirror Universe version of you. He even has a goatee, at least sometimes! But what the hell: uniformity is death.

    (Oh, and I should point out that I like him, as a human being. As a Liberal pundit and economist I despise everything he stands for and on, but the advantage of the SCA is that the devout catholic music teacher and the part-time stripper with the Club X job can be best friends without ever talking about stuff that might alarm them. C’est la vie.)

  2. @Eric TF Bat: Interesting choice, and yes I do like seeing opposing points of view when well-argued.

    I’ll certainly be trying to make into more than a personal blog, treating it more as a specialist media outlet covering this issue — though I haven’t quite worked out how yet.

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