Episode 27 online!

Screen grab from Stilgherrian Live episode 27

Episode 27 of Stilgherrian Live is now online for your viewing pleasure.

In this “Full Moon (almost) Animal Sex Passion Edition”, we feature lesbian dog sex and decide who’s “Cnut of the Week”: Michael Costa, Hurricane Ike or the US Federal Reserve. The final result was decisive — but who?

And for the first time, we had two talkback callers: Nick Hodge and… well… someone I might phone back later. Or maybe not.

The next regular episode of Stilgherrian Live will be broadcast live from Webjam 8 next Thursday night. There’ll probably also be a special episode or two from the Oz-IA/2008 Information Architecture conference this weekend. Stand by.

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  1. Stilgherrian’s avatar

    Due to [cough] “a cut and paste error, the credit roll at the end of the program is incorrect. It should read:

    Stilgherrian Live Delta | Episode 27 | Live from Enmore, Sydney | Special worrying guests: Lesbian Dogs Laura & Sophia, You, Erik Prydz | Music Director: Snarky Platypus | Producer / Presenter: Stilgherrian | Thanks to cheap wine and a three day stress thingo | A Skank Media Production

    Now, how to fix that in the uploaded program? I can’t. I’ll have to add a comment. Done.

    Also, I forgot to mention that Alex nominated Hurricane Ike for “Cnut of the Week”, and probably other people deserve thanks too.

  2. Snarky Platypus’s avatar

    That is a disturbing shot of you

  3. Michael Meloni’s avatar

    Not nearly as disturbing as the shot where he posed wearing green sunglasses.

  4. Stilgherrian’s avatar

    Agreed, the shot of me with the green sunglasses was… odd. Nick Hodge also reckons that it was a choice moment when I answered the phone and it was a “heavy breather”.

    Now… another question came up this morning. Should I also publish the logs of the live chat? Whaddyareckon?

  5. Stephen Stockwell’s avatar

    I would like to see logs of the live chat, Stilgherrian.
    It’s the only piece missing from SL for those of us who are often indisposed when you go to air (or net, as it were). Though if you were Mark Day, you’d be insisting we pay for the privilege. But you’re not.

  6. 'Pong’s avatar

    You shameless twat! 😉

  7. Stilgherrian’s avatar

    @Stephen Stockwell: I’m thinking that a better approach might be to copy Chris Pirillo’s live stream and put the chat text on screen, so it’s automatically archived with the video. In context.

    Alas, I think Chris has a big fat Mac Pro under the desk to do all the video processing.

    @’Pong: “Shame”? What is this thing called “shame”? Arsehat.

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