Episode 45! Cnuts! Prize! Exclamation marks!

Photograph of King Cnut t-shirt reading: U R A CNUT®

It’s Thursday. There will be a Stilgherrian Live tonight. Nominations are now open for “Cnut of the Week”. And there’s a prize!

Please remember the rules. For “Cnut of the Week”, we’re looking for people, organisations or other entities who are futilely trying to hold back the tide of change. It has to be something in the news in the last week, and you have to explain yourself.

Nominees have to be not merely doing bad things, but failing to notice or adapt to the change around them.

And did I mention the prize? Everyone who nominates and leaves a valid email address goes into the draw for a free t-shirt of their choice from our new friends at King Cnut Ethical Clothing.

(Of course, neither they nor us are as lame and unethical as to share your email address with anyone else. I for one have site policies about this sort of thing, and so do they.)

Cnut of the Week graphic

Nominations for “Cnut of the Week” are open until 8.30pm Sydney time, and you must nominate at the website to be eligible.

Then at 8.30pm you should be watching Nick Hodge‘s program @NickHodge before Stilgherrian Live starts at 9.30pm.

Who do you nominate, and why?

16 Replies to “Episode 45! Cnuts! Prize! Exclamation marks!”

  1. I nominate all the health officials and media involved in trumping up the story on Swine Flu into a full social pandemic of panic. Special mention must go to our Federal Department of Health and Ageing.

    1. @Jason Appleby: I’m not clear on the “futilely trying to hold back the tide of change” aspect here though. I’m wondering if you’re the Cnut, ‘cos the tide of panic is there, and you’re sitting by yourself waving the Stick of Reason.

      1. I like beating people about the head and shoulders with the Stick of Reason. Maybe I should be Cnut of the Weak.

  2. I nominate old wotsisname, Peter Costello, for piping up yet again about how he’d have done it all differently. Seriously Pete, you’re yesterday’s news and we’ve all moved on.

  3. Lachlan Murdoch for Illyria Nominees’ stake in Prime Media Group. Or does that $16 mil need to sink first?
    Bathy, come back to NBN!

  4. Swine everywhere, for holding back the evolution of truly useful viruses.
    What point is it for the pigs, of all species, to be practising germ warfare. Can’t they get the hell out of the way and let a useful species have a god? I think the chickens deserve another chance at this. And SARS was a sexier name than swine flu.

    1. (He is, er, holding back all human progress by filling news stations with panicky stories about one of the Smallest. Epidemics. Ever. instead of concentrating on actual issues.)

  5. Karingal, the nursing home in Darling Downs, QLD, where patients were treated so poorly that some were bitten all over by mice:


    How does this hold back progress? Well, the Baby Boomers — the biggest generation ever — start retiring in serious numbers in 2011. Aged care and products for the elderly are about to become a massive boom industry. We should be using technology to improve the lives of the elderly… not running hospitals with vicious mice infestations.

    “It’s absolutely pathetic, while the Premier is using the Mexican pig flu as another media opportunity, no one wants to do anything to protect sick people from disease-carrying vermin in a local hospital, or nursing home,” said Ray Hopper, member for Condamine.

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