Stilgherrian Live returns. You know what that means

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Finally, Stilgherrian Live returns tonight at 9.30pm Sydney time — and that means nominations are now open for “Cnut of the Week”.

Who do you think is futilely resisting the tide of change? I’ll select the shortlist at 8.30pm Sydney time, and you can vote during tonight’s program.

Who do you nominate, and why?

23 Replies to “Stilgherrian Live returns. You know what that means”

  1. Clive Hamilton for….well…..being Clive

    Kevinn Rudd for dudding everyone on climate policy

    Ralph Magazine for bringing us Mercedes Corby in a way that they shouldn’t

  2. Gotta be KRudd for the pathetically poor climate change response. For all his talk of mandates, this was one of the core issues on which he won a mandate. Twat.

    (I did like Bernard Keane’s description of the reason Wong wasn’t allowed announce it: her Mogadon-level delivery style.)

  3. @Phil: The problem with nominating Ralph magazine is that encourages me to broadcast the photo of Mercedes Corby again — or was that your plan?

    @Simon Rumble: There’s more nominations for Kevin Rudd coming in. That gives me an excuse to quote Bernard Keane, yes. Promising.

    Keep those nominations coming…

  4. Definitely Rudd this week. What a pathetic response to THE most important challenge facing the world.

  5. I second Bernadette McMenamin and Rudd.

    And vote another for QLD police for proceeding with charges against Christopher Illingworth.

    Nice to have Stil Live back. Can we please have Xmas music – unless we are getting it next Thursday?

  6. @Michael Meloni No Christmas music tonight. However on Christmas Day itself there will be a special edition, His Excellency Stilgherrian’s Christmas Message, where I reflect upon the year’s events.

  7. Kevin’s doing what a politician does. Weasel (verb & noun). But that’s a bit less galling than someone like Michelle Grattan — whose opinions and writing I usually respect — going into bat for his watery emissions policy.

    So I nominate her.
    Not that she’ll win, but I think it’s worth a mention.

  8. @Dave The Happy Singer: Fuck it, you’re right. The whole Bernadette McMenamin thing is so grotesque, I’d rather be forced to sing nursery rhymes while being fed molasses.

  9. Patricia Blogojevitch, because she makes the whole Blogojevitch story just that bit more interesting, with her language and co-conspiracy. “F— them,” Patricia Blagojevich is quoted as saying, according to the document. In an apparent reference to the Tribune Company’s attempts to sell Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs, she urges the two engaged in the phone call to “hold up that f—ing Cubs s—.” From

  10. It’s not Conroy, I promise… but how about his dept for their Digital Future Economy “blog” that didn’t look like a blog.

    And for seeming to thing to think that online conversation is about opening up comments for a set period and then getting really upset when people giving feedback talked about what *they* wanted to talk about — filtering — and not what the Dept wanted them to talk about.


  11. Sol Trujillo for reasons far too obvious to need mentioning. Oh and that law suit thingy…

  12. I nominate the stultifyingly boring, nasty Donald McGauchie and the Sol Trujillo they can be joint Cnuts! If I have to choose 1 it would be McGauchie, a truly nasty ass bastard who needs a blow torch applied to his nuts!!

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