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Stilgherrian’s links for 02 October 2008 through 06 October 2008, covered in peanut butter and cat fur:

“Oh no! Leena’s fallen in the water!”

Actually, the sexiest woman in all Thailand, Leena Jangjanya (ลีนา จังจรรจา), fell into Bangkok’s polluted Khlong Saen Saeb (คลองแสนแสบ) canal while campaigning today. It’s more like sewage than water.

val told me a short time ago, but it’s being reported in Bangkok’s two leading English-language newspaper websites, The Nation and the Bangkok Post.

Leena reportedly fell from a boat near the Pratunam pier, but is unharmed. That is, until she gets the bad case of diarrhoea.

[P.S. Do not do a Google Images search for “leena” just by itself when safe search is turned off. You have been warned. However it’s nice to note that an image search for “leena jang” currently has four of my pages in the top 12.]

Leena, I love your new hairdo!

As you perhaps already know, I reckon that Leena Jangjanya (ลีนา จังจรรจา) is the most beautiful, most sexy woman in all of Thailand. I’m therefore thrilled to discover that she has a new hairdo and is running for Governor of Bangkok.

Photograph of Leena Jangjanya

That Leena runs her own cosmetics business as well as being a prominent labour rights lawyer should hold her in good stead. But, my Beautiful Leena, you need to update your website and destroy last year’s posters.

Unreliable Bangkok 4: Lust

Photograph of Leena Jangjanya election poster

Leena Jangjanya (ลีนา จังจรรจา, pictured above) is the most beautiful, most sexy woman in all of Thailand.

She’s usually just called Leena Jang, and since she’s a candidate in Sunday’s Thai general election her posters are everywhere in Bangkok’s northern suburbs. There’s three versions, including one in her graduation robes (law) and one where she’s looking like a successful businesswoman in white. You can see them both below.

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