Leena, I love your new hairdo!

As you perhaps already know, I reckon that Leena Jangjanya (ลีนา จังจรรจา) is the most beautiful, most sexy woman in all of Thailand. I’m therefore thrilled to discover that she has a new hairdo and is running for Governor of Bangkok.

Photograph of Leena Jangjanya

That Leena runs her own cosmetics business as well as being a prominent labour rights lawyer should hold her in good stead. But, my Beautiful Leena, you need to update your website and destroy last year’s posters.

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  1. Stilgherrian’s avatar

    Actually of all the candidates’ mugshots for Governor of Bangkok, Leena Jungjanja (7) is brilliant but Toranee Rithee-Thamdamrong (12), pictured below, is total WIN.

    Photograph of Toranee Rithee-Thamdamrong

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