The 9pm Halloween Bad Sex State Election Live

The set-up for “The 9pm Halloween Bad Sex State Election Live” being livestreamed and recorded on Saturday 31 October 2020 in a Sydney hotel room.

It’s Halloween! In this special livestreamed episode there’s, yes, bad sex and the Queensland election. There’s also a sex trivia quiz. And drinking. Oh yes, there was certainly drinking.

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Talking #optuswrongtime on ABC Gold Coast

ABC logoNo sooner had I spoken about #optuswrongtime on ABC Radio’s AM than I got a call from ABC Gold Coast to expand upon my comments.

So a little after 0830 AEDT on Wednesday morning, or 0730 AEST in Queensland, I spoke with Trevor Jackson and presented my two theories for what might have happened. One was that some new cell towers were switched on overnight in the 700MHz band, which Optus had recently been given permission to do, and they were set to the wrong time zone. The other was that a security update for the network time protocol (NTP) server had been pushed out, and somehow that was configured incorrectly.

We still don’t know the correct answer.

Also, under the influence of a certain Canadian, I managed to sneak in a mention of the secret code word.

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