Updating “The 9pm End of Spring Series 2020”

The End of Spring Series 2020 crowdfunding is going well. You’ll get five episodes with special guests, and this Saturday it’s “The 9pm Halloween Bad Sex State Election Live”. Yes, live.

In a special four-hour livestream you’ll get bad sex stories, Queensland election updates, a Sex Trivia Quiz, and more. All while I’m drinking heavily.

The livestream will be at the9pmedict.com/live.

Then in November–December there’s five more podcasts with special guests. Four guests have already been confirmed.

  • John Birmingham (@JohnBirmingham), author and  columnist, who’s been on the pod before in 2018 and 2020.
  • Upulie Divisekera (@upulie), science communicator, microbiologist, nanotechnologist, and dinosaur evangelist, who’s been on the pod in 2016 and 2020.
  • Cam Smith (@sexenheimer), broadcaster, podcaster, and knock knock joke enthusiast, who’s been exploring conspiracy theory rabbit-holes.
  • Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell (@feraldata), cultural anthropologist, technologist, futurist, and head of the 3A Institute at ANU.

We’re now on the way to the second stretch goal, an end-of-year panel show.

Please check out the Pozible campaign now, and please tell your friends. You have until 9pm AEDT this Thursday 29 October 2020.

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