The 9pm Election Unhinging: The Aftermath

Australia’s new Foreign Minister, Senator Penny Wong, and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, boarding Royal Australian Air Force Airbus KC-30A registration A39-007 in Canberra before departing for Tokyo on 23 May 2022. (Screenshot: 10 News First)

Well then. It happened. Anthony Albanese is Prime Minister and Australia has a new Labor government. There’s a sense of hope in the air, but there’s also a sense of hesitation.

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The 9pm Election Unhinging: Week the Fifth

The final handshake: Labor leader Anthony Albanese and Prime Minister Scott Morrison shake hands at the end of Channel 7’s leaders debate, The Final Showdown, 11 May 2022. (Photo: Channel 7)

Nine sleeps to go! As Australia’s federal election campaign enters its final days, the unhinging is going through the roof — and it’s not just the politicians who are losing their minds.

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The 9pm Election Unhinging: Week the First

Scott Morrison calls the federal election on 10 April 2022. (Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Image) Inset: Front page of Melbourne’s Herald Sun, 12 April 2022. (Photo: Paul Kidd)

Australia’s federal election has been called for Saturday 21 May 2022. In a headrush of poor judgement, I’ve decided to produce a six-part mini-series of The 9pm Edict with an election theme, with episodes appearing each Thursday. This is the first.

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