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December 2nd, 2013

Clive Palmer’s maiden speech in the Australian parliament. Translations welcome.…

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“Main Roads WA considers memorial to beer-swilling feral pig to promote road safety”, with all the logicals.…

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@jperlow Oh dear, that’s a strange image for today.

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“Recommended for you” (that is, me), by @smh: “The little known benefits of masturbation”. Apparently. There’s real news.

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I’ll “linear time” you, you fucking little skank.

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One can never have enough Manchester…

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If he doesn’t turn up soon I’m going to start buying him One Direction merchandise.

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RT @Adrian_Dodd @stilgherrian you will need a pie [I don’t understand the logic, but I don’t disagree.]

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Heading into the open air for the first time in several days. This will be interesting, especially as I’m going to a shopping mall now.

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warrenellis I’ll start doing more personal appearances when I can travel to them via a couple of Predator drones with a sedan chair slung between them

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I expect Germany to be banned by Microsoft at any moment.

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bairdjulia How’s this for an excellent German word: Backpfeifengesicht. It means “a face that deserves to be slapped.” So useful.

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in_focus The 2013 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar begins! Day 1, The Ring nebula:

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j_hutch [Graceless plug time] My band is raising funds to record an EP next year. Wanna help out?

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Stand back, everyone, Geoffrey Robertson has an Opinion.…

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“Revealed: Australian spy agency offered to share data about ordinary citizens”, reports @GuardianAus…

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Dear all the People, I will get to your emails at some point today, or even your voicemails if you actually leave one.

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Mon plan, draft: An easy day, to recover from the weekend’s weird-arse viral illness; not an evening of endless alcohol, alas; details TBA.

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