Weekly Poll: 2007 in Review

Even though there’s still 3 days of 2007 left, I’m way behind the pace. Most media outlets issued their 2007 in Review pieces well before Christmas. That means they missed such “minor” stories as the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Oops.

Still, I’m going to risk further irrelevance and ask what, for you, was the biggest event in Australia for 2007. Was it…?

Or something else? Please go to the website to vote, and add further suggestions in the comments.

Previous results: Yes, more people said Christmas was “too much effort” than any other single answer. However “a glorious celebration of Our Saviour’s birth” did score 24% in a late come-back.

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3 Replies to “Weekly Poll: 2007 in Review”

  1. Biggest event for me was Oprah endorsing Barak Obama. The Dumbening of America has just shifted into third gear and is rounding an S bend.

  2. @KerryJ: I don’t think Oprah’s dumb. She seems pretty smart to me. Though yes, “I’ll vote for Obama because Oprah said so” isn’t exactly sophisticated political decision-making.

  3. That’s my point. Too many people let others think for them and Miss O, while an intelligent lady in many respects, often spouts pseudo psychology that people don’t question or contextualize.

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