Weekly Wrap 451: Blood, so much blood

My week of Monday 14 to Sunday 20 January 2019 was dominated by an accident. In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, while heading to the bathroom without my glasses and without being fully awake, I tripped over something.

I soon encountered my face with the floor. The floor, unlike my face, is made of concrete. My nose wasn’t broken, and there was no sign of concussion, but there were some impressive blood splatters across the floor and a quilt cover, and then across the house as I scrabbled for light switches and tissues. High volume nosebleed hurrah!

As a result, however, little was done this week.

Media Appearances

Articles, Podcasts, Corporate Largesse

None in any of these categories.

The Week Ahead

OK, so this Monday will be my first proper work day for 2019, and it’ll start with catching up on communications, and sending off some story pitches.

The week isn’t planned out any further than that, and that’s deliberate.

Further Ahead

The following Thursday, 31 January, I’m going to a recording of Pointless Australia, which should be fun.

Update 21 January 2019: Nick Fryer and I will be recording the next joint episode of The 9pm Edict podcast on Thursday 21 February.

I’m starting to pencil in some of the conferences. This is a very partial list at this stage. Please let me know if there’s anything I should add.

[Photo: Blood, so much blood. Stilgherrian’s blood smeared on the bathroom door frame after he tripped and fell on his face, triggering a massive nosebleed, photographed on 15 January 2019.]