Weekly Wrap 463: A walk, The Ritz, and little else of note

My week Monday 8 to Sunday 14 April 2019 was another when little of what I did was visible to the world. There’s nothing of substance to report here. But I enjoyed it. Did you? In any event, you can read about what’s coming up.


I finally completed that paper for that as-yet-unnamed American organisation. I’ll be able to reveal at the end of April, or so I’m told.

Podcasts, Media Appearances, Corporate Largesse

None of any of these, except that my photo of Australia’s electronic warfare simulation centre was used by ZDNet again, this time to illustrate the story South Australia to house Defence’s new AU$68m supercomputer centre.

The Week Ahead

Update 15 April 2019: I rearranged this section to fix some dumb mistakes.

On Monday I’m writing at least one piece for ZDNet. A second has yet to receive an Editorial Nod.

On Tuesday I’m heading down to Sydney for a couple of medical appointments, and probably a few other things as well.

Wednesday is about overflow writing, communicating and organising, plus the shopping.

On Thursday I’m recording a new episode of The 9pm Edict podcast with Nicholas Fryer. It will be posted that night.

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Friday is Good Friday, kicking off the Easter long weekend. I’m intending to be quite lazy, spending as little time online as possible. If I do get the urge to do any work, I’ll probably make another least-worst-of episode of the Edict.

Further Ahead

The following week will be quite short, because it contains both Easter Monday on, um, Monday and Anzac Day on Thursday. I don’t have anything locked in yet.

The federal election is on Saturday 18 May, so I should probably organise something.

My intention to spend some time in Canberra and Melbourne “in the next few weeks” is still going nowhere, but I’m going to keep trying. If there’s any event I should be in either city for, please let me know.

And now, a very partial list of some of the year’s conferences and other events that I’m planning to attend. Please let me know if there’s anything I should add.

[Photo: The Ritz, Leura. “The Ritz Nursing Home at Leura has failed 30 of 44 performance markers and faces closure when government funding ceases next month,” reported the Blue Mountains Gazette on 4 December 2017. According to the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, it was “the earliest, grandest and longest lived of all Leura tourist establishments… a landmark from the western railway third only to the Carrington and the Hydro Majestic”. Word is that investors are interested in returning it to its status as a quality hotel. Photographed on 12 April 2019.]