Weekly Wrap 489: A week in Melbourne with cybers

The week of Monday 7 to Sunday 13 October was spent in Melbourne, primarily covering the Australian Cyber Conference. Despite a lingering sore throat, I managed to squeeze out four stories for ZDNet and have a pleasant weekend. Excellent!



None, but in the coming week I’ll be making my podcast plans for the rest of the calendar year. Let me know if you have any preference for, say, Public House Forum panel shows over The 9pm Probe interviews, or whatever.

Media Appearances

  • On Tuesday I spoke about the technology and laws behind robot-SMS political messages on ABC Canberra. No recording.

Corporate Largesse

  • While covering the Australian Cyber Conference 2019 there was plenty of food and drink. I picked up a small amount of sponsor swag. Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC): Satchel; flat gadget combining a torch and a magnet for fetching things from under furniture I guess. CQR Consulting: Jelly beans, as a sugar fix. Lookout: A keyring torch.
  • On Monday evening I went to the launch of Pure Security, the rebranded PS+C Group, at Eureka 89. There was food and drink, and a magnificent view.

The Week Ahead

I’ll be back in Sydney at the start of the week. Monday is about writing, laundry, and back repairs. On Tuesday I’m going to a lunchtime media briefing by Unisys before returning to Wentworth Falls in the evening.

The rest of the week? I’ll figure that out as I go along.

Update 16 October 2019: It’s looking like I’ll be on Health Patrol duties in Sydney for the second half of a week at least.

Further Ahead

Here’s what’s planned. Please let me know if there’s anything I should add. Send airline tickets.

[Photo: The View from Eureka 89. Eureka 89 is the restaurant and function venue atop Eureka Tower, currently the tallest building in Melbourne. Photographed on 7 October 2019.]