Weekly Wrap 597: Twitter, the law, and maybe even the end of the Quarantimes

Monday 1 to 7 November 2021 saw me do an actual social thing. With another person. OK, it was lunch at the pub with Mark Humphries before we recorded this week’s podcast, but it was still a wonderful sign that the Quarantimes are slowly coming to an end. I hope.


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Media Appearances


  • I have updated my Waratah sequence 2021 for another week. The photos now span 68 days — although there will now be a gap because I’ll be travelling.
  • On a similar theme, I’ve been watching the decay of a Halloween Face (archive) that was made for me, although I haven’t put the images on Flickr.

Videos, Corporate Largesse

None. However you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for when new videos do appear.


The Week Ahead

On Monday morning I’m catching a NSW TrainLink XPT as seen last week to Orange in the Central Tablelands. I’ll be there though to Thursday afternoon, primarily to record a podcast but also for a change of scenery.

In fact I’m recording two podcasts this week.

On Tuesday I’m recording the main part of a podcast with Fr Karl Sinclair (@FrKarlSinclair), a Catholic priest now based in Orange, who’s been on The 9pm Edict previously in 2015 and 2020

Wednesday evening I’ll accompany him to a Cemetery Mass for the Dead in the nearby village of Cargo, living population 596, plus or minus whatever’s happened there since the 2016 Census. That should be interesting.

Then on Friday it’s time for author and columnist John Birmingham (@JohnBirmingham) who’s been on the pod several times before.

If you’re a supporter with TRIGGER WORDS or a CONVERSATION TOPIC to cash in, I’ll need them by Tuesday and Friday by midday AEDT respectively.

The episode with JB will be posted on Saturday, and with Fr Karl the following week.

Friday also sees the start of FrogID Week, and Sunday is the start of the Wild Pollinator Count. So much nature this month!

Further Ahead

[Photo: The New South Wales waratah flower (Telopea speciosissima) that’s the subject of the Waratah sequence 2021 photographed on 1 November 2021.]