Weekly Wrap 649: Schadenfreude is such an addictive drug

My week of Monday 31 October to Sunday 6 November 2022 included more food and drink outside the home than I’d planned, and I spent too long rejoicing in schadenfreude over the dramas at Twitter, but I did get a few things done. I even set up a Mastodon account, just in case.


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First, a whole bunch of updates on the Musk-Twitter drama.

And in other news:

The Week Ahead

Parliament is sitting Monday through Thursday this week, although I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to pay that much attention. I’ve got a lot of work for clients this week, plus all of these things.

On Tuesday I’ll post that episode of The 9pm Edict about submarines with H I Sutton of Covert Shores.

Tuesday night sees the penultimate Bond on Tuesday with the fourth Daniel Craig film, Spectre (2015). Find a stream and get ready at 8.30pm AEDT. We press PLAY at 8.40pm.

On Thursday, rescheduled from last Thursday, I’ll be launching a new Pozible crowdfunding campaign, The 9pm Hardware Refresh 2022. It’s been more than seven years since my last major hardware purchase and my MacBook Pro really needs to be replaced before it becomes urgent again.

[Update 9 November 2022: I’m pushing back the start of ths crowdfunder again to a date TBA. I’ve been told that new MacBook Pro models are expected later this month and I’d like to see what happens to the product line-up before making any decisions. The campaign will still start before Christmas, and now run into the new year.]

Friday is the start of the Australian Museum’s FrogID Week, which actually runs for ten days, 11–20 November. Why not identify some frogs?

On Sunday I’m heading to Blacktown for an orgy of Whitlam nostalgia. On the 50th anniversary of Gough Whitlam launching the “It’s Time” campaign that eventually elected him as Australia’s prime minister, in the very same room, Senator Penny Wong is delivering the 2022 Whitlam Oration. If you want to join me, it’s free.

There’s also a companion exhibition, DEDICATED to the DEDICATED: Whitlam, the Arts and Democracy. Sunday is its last day, so Senator Wong’s lecture is effectively its closing party.

[Update 13 November 2022: Alas, the Orgy of Goughrophilia is cancelled, at least for me. I’m a bit sneezy and sniffly today. Best stay in.]

Further Ahead

  • TwoSet Violin concert, Singapore (but it will also be livestreamed, which is how I’ll be watching it), 16 November 2022, 7.30pm SGT / 10.30pm AEDT.
  • Victoria state election, 26 November 2022. I’ll probably do something special.
  • Annual Industry Boat Cruise, Networking Event & After Party 2022, which is an invitation-only event for the communications and internet industry, Sydney Harbour, 1 December 2022.
  • Watterson Christmas Party, Sydney, 2 December 2022. This is another invitation-only event, this time by one of the better tech public relations firms. Also, this is traditionally a very long Friday afternoon.
  • The 9pm Hardware Refresh 2022 crowdfunding wrap-up, 8 December 2022, 9pm AEDT.
  • Everything Open, Melbourne, 14–16 March 2023 (TBA).
  • NSW state election, 25 March 2023. I’ll definitely do something special for this one.
  • The Sydney Dialogue, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, online, 4–5 April 2023.
  • Coronation of Charles III, 6 May 2023, although I have no idea what I’ll actually do about it.

[Photo: A feral Mexican fleabane aka Mexican daisy (Erigeron karvinskianus) seen at Bunjaree Cottages on 6 November 2022.]