Weekly Wrap 685: Substantial amounts of geekery and a kilogram of pig

My week of Monday 10 to Sunday 16 July 2023 saw me commit geekery for a client, with significant success, but as for public items there was really only a blog post. Winter continues.

I’ll say up front that I have now formally postponed the Public House Forum podcast recording, with a new date to be set in the next few weeks.

In recent years winter has presented a challenge when it comes to balancing my workload, and I’ve had to focus on some billable work — which is good, but the podcast has therefore moved to the back burner. The live recordings are particularly time-consuming, and I’ve made what I think is the sensible decision to not overload myself. I know you’ll understand.

Fox update

I speculated a few weeks ago that maybe “our” fox is dead, because a badly injured fox had been found not far away, and euthanised. However on Wednesday this week a perfectly alive fox was seen in broad daylight crossing a road only a few hundred metres away.

Late-night taxi drivers have told me there’s lots of foxes around. So regardless of whether the fox that was killed was “our” fox or not, I reckon it’s worth keeping the trap in position.

Meanwhile I’ve occasionally seen the BFP (#possum), and nearly every night we see Big Rat, Little Rat, the Third Rat, and occasionally even a fourth rat.


  • Digital developments from Canberra 44. The fallout from the robodebt royal commission dominated the news, but I still managed to find a handful of interesting items. Two of them involve the spooks.

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OK, you know the drill. A few links to the latest Elon Musk bullshit, and then more general stuff.

In other news:

The Week Ahead

Monday will be a jumbled-up kind of day. I’m planning to scope out a new client project which has come my way, but I also need to run an errand down to Springwood in the lower Blue Mountains.

On Tuesday I’m meeting a co-conspirator up here in the Mountains, at least once I finish a client meeting — but it’s a different co-conspirator from last week. Update 18 July 2023: No, that’s not happening. I have the lurgi. I’ve taken the day off.

And the rest of it is working through a lot of client work.

Further Ahead

  • POSTPONED: The 9pm Public House Forum 8 livestream and recording, 22 July 2023 at 1pm (TBC). To stay informed you should be on the mailing list, because this date is only tentative at this stage — and to be honest it’s looking unlikely. I’ll announce a new date in the coming weeks.
  • Aaron Chen’s Chen & Friends, Enmore Theatre, 18 August 2023.
  • NetThing Internet Governance Forum, Brisbane and online, 28 August 2023 (TBC).
  • APNIC 56, Kyoto and online, 12–14 September 2023. I very much doubt that I’ll be going to Japan, but this is always such a good conference (TBC).

[Photo: While shopping in Sydney’s Thaitown on Wednesday I accidentally bought an entire kilogram of pork neck from my regular butcher. As I took this photographs I was thinking of how to cut it up for future use.]