Weekly Wrap 711: A lazy week with a giant caterpillar

My week of Monday 8 to Sunday 14 January 2024 was distinctly unproductive, but I’m going to claim that that was the plan all along. It wasn’t, but here we are.

Anything that I said I’d do this week will now happen next week. Maybe.


  • Digital developments from Canberra 68. Despite it being the summer silly season, the first of these posts for 2024 contains government sookage over social media, a total rebuild of Services Australia’s networks, some poor audit reports, and 15 government agencies start using AI without governance frameworks.

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Will a week ever go by without Elon Musk being a dickhead?

In other news:

The Week Ahead

Monday and Tuesday will be focused on hammering out some billable hours for clients. I’m somewhat behind my targets for this month.

[Update 16 January 2024: Well, Tuesday will be, and maybe Wednesday. On Monday I was still very sleepy, probably from the covid vaccination booster on Friday afternoon.]

The rest of the week will be a mix of things, which I’ll schedule as I go along. I’ll also sketch out the podcast plans for the remainder of summer, so stay tuned for that. I may even record a solo podcast episode, although the odds of that are maybe 50-50.

Further Ahead

[Photo: A giant caterpillar photographed at Bunjaree Cottages on 10 January 2024. It’s the fourth stage of the larva of a batwing moth aka white-stemmed gum moth aka prickly gum moth (Chelepteryx collesi). Beware of those spines! Also, they are not my fingers. Also it is not my photo but one by someone else on the compound, however they have put the image into the public domain so have at it.]